What is an excavator? Components of excavator, Types and attachments. Short details of components.

Excavation can be defined as disintegration of the earth’s crust by means of machines applying various methods for economic purposes. The task excavation is practiced commonly by excavators. Components of excavator Excavators are types of...
Types of radiator

What is Radiator? How does the Radiator work? Types of Radiator

What is Radiator? The radiator is a heat exchanger device. It helps in cooling and heating by transferring thermal energy from one means to another. It basically cools the internal combustion engines of automobiles but...
Types of clutch

Definition of Clutch | Types & Main parts of Clutch | Working Principle

What is Clutch? The Clutch is an important element of power-train. It helps the engine to become engaged in the transmission and un-engaged as well. It works silently.Types of clutch To control the vehicles’ speed and...

What is Brake Booster? Types of Brake Booster | Working principle and Failing...

What is Brake Booster?Types of Brake Booster  A brake booster fulfills the need to applying extra force on the brake pedal to stop the vehicle. Before this modern braking technology drivers had to exercise their...
Petrol engine and diesel engine

Definition of petrol engine and Diesel engine? Difference between petrol and diesel engine

Definition of Petrol Engine The first petrol engine was invented by Nikolaus August Otto in 1876 in Germany. It is an internal combustion engine that uses spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture. This engine...
Reciprocating compressor

What is Reciprocating Compressor? Components of Reciprocating Compressor

An overview of Reciprocating compressor and its’ components What is Reciprocating Compressor? Reciprocating compressor is also known as Piston compressor. It is a positive-displacement device that compresses gas through a piston and pushes the gas at...
Two Stroke Engine

What is Two Stroke Engine? Main parts of Two Stroke Engine

Guideline for the Beginners: Two Stroke Engines What is Two Stroke Engine?s Two stroke engine is a simple internal combustion engine. It helps to perform a single cycle with only two piston strokes. Two stroke engine...
Four stroke engine

Definition of Four Stroke Engine? Basic Components of Four Stroke Engine

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Basic Things You Should Know About the Four Stroke Engine Definition of Four Stroke Engine An internal combustion engine is called four stroke engine. It is also...
Pressure gauge

What is Pressure gauge? Components of Pressure gauge

What is Pressure Gauge? Pressure gauge is a measuring device that measures the state of a gas or liquid. Generally, the pressure is measured in units of force per unit of surface area. With the...
Spark plug

What is a Spark Plug? Components of Spark Plug

Need to know about Spark Plug? Here is the complete guide for you about Spark Plug What is a Spark Plug? Spark plug was first invented in 1860 by Etienne Lenoir, it is also known as...